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We are Beached, an action sports agency specialising in marketing, athlete management and action sport recruitment.
Focusing everything on our clients, we nurture, guide and advise to make sure full potential is reached.

Sports Marketing

As well as marketing non UK brands into a UK market, Beached Agency specialise in social media & online marketing helping client’s grow their brand.


Athlete Management

We work exclusively with athletes to grow their personal brand to open lucrative opportunities whilst offering advice, contract negotiations, handle public/media relation and help with career development and revenue generation. We also supply talent to clients for Film, TV, Photography and Sponsorship.

Action Sports Recruitment

Beached is the first and only recruitment agency in the UK dedicated to just the action sports industry. Everyone at beached has a passion for this industry and being the only specialised agency in the country we take it that one step further in finding you the right person to fit your company’s ethos.

Our agents have a long standing reputation for their high level of professionalism and for providing top quality talent to their clients and always delivering outstanding results. if you have any enquiries please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Surf Shack Morocco

Surf Shack Morocco has created a unique place where surf lovers and travelers can feel at home, whilst enjoying the waves and culture Morocco has to offer. The guest house is located in the small quiet village of Tamraght, which is 20km from Agadir. With a 10 minute walk to the beach guests can just relax soak in the sun or surf devils point. In the house guests will meet surf enthusiasts and travelers from all over the world and experience a different type of holiday.


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